Andalusians de Mythos 720.296.4524


 Andalusians de Mythos 720.296.4524


Born 1998  Height 16.1H

 Indiano XVIII x Jordana by GENIL

DNA tested homozygous black.

Andalusians de Mythos proudly stands at stud the 16.1HPRE Revised stallion Conquistador XII, aka Dante.

One of the finest baroque, classical black PRE stallions standing at stud in the USA. Conquistador is an outstanding breeding stallion and improvement sire, passing on his beauty, movement, intelligence and wonderful temperaments. He is true to the classical type of the breed and endows his foals with his incredible traits.

Conquistador (aka Dante) has produced versatile athletes suited for most disciplines. He is a rare gem among Andalusians and his offspring have fantastic minds,movement and beauty. His partbreds are often mistaken as purebreds.

His imported sire is an undefeated, multiple international champion in Spain, Mexico, US with multiple titles in conformation, movement. His Dam is sired by Genil, Champion of Spain & Mexico.  He is primarily Cartujano / Bocado.

P.R.E Stallions at Stud

Conquistador Progeny

1998 P.R.E. Black  Stallion

Conquistador XII